Synthesis of Ag3PO4-polyvinyl alcohol hybrid microcrystal withenhanced visible light photocatalytic activity

Applied Surface Science 356 (2015) 226–231

The Ag3PO4/polyvinyl alcohol (Ag3PO4/PVA) hybrid photocatalysts were successfully synthesized usinga coprecipitation method using AgNO3, Na2HPO4·12H2O and PVA as starting materials. The productsemerged in a cubic (p-43n) structure. The photocatalytic performances for the decomposition of Rho-damine B (RhB) under the blue light irradiation strongly depended on PVA content. The excellentphotocatalytic activity may be due to the enhanced photo-induced charge separation brought on bythe strong interaction of PVA with Ag3PO4.


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