Solvothermal Synthesis of Strontium Titanate Based Materials Designed For Efficient Visible Light Photocatalysis

The environmental problem and energy crisis, two main of global issues, will come soon on the earth. For the sustainable development of human life in the future, the great efforts should be devoted from now. Visible light responsive photocatalysts, one of semiconductor materials could be effectively used to convert the sun light energy into various applications, such as decomposition of pollutants. Visible-light-responsive photocatalysts are great beneficial because 43% of the whole solar energy is visible light, while only 4% is UV light1. Therefore, design to synthesize a photocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic activity in visible light range is a highlight works. Here, the attention was concentrated mainly on design and synthesis of strontium titanate for efficient visible-light photocatalysis.

Thesis Summary

Full Thesis

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